Towing across the Nullarbor

So you are in Australia – planning the BIG road trip across the Nullarbor and the unexpected and dreaded happens!

Oh no, what do you do and who can you turn to? Our services is not only in Perth, we travel Australia wide with our vehicle transportation services. We are able to tow your automobile back safely to the destination of your choice.

Australia's Longest Road

Australia Wide Tow Trucks

The Nullarbor is a long road – stretching approximately 1100km!

Driving you vehicle across that stretch of road is a once in a life time experience, and if the worst happens our company is here to help you out in your emergency situation of need.

Nullarbor Towing Service

Nullarbor Plains Tow Truck Service

We are able to service the whole region and zones surrounding the Plain – it is a well known major stretch of Australian road. Call our team at Perth Tow Trucks today for your emergency towing job or for our pricing.

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