Morley is a suburb located in the eastern part of Perth, Western Australia. It is approximately 10 kilometres from the central business district of Perth and is part of the City of Bayswater. The suburb covers an area of around 10 square kilometres and has a population of over 22,000 people, making it one of the largest suburbs in Perth.

The area was first settled in the early 1800s by Englishman John Dickinson, who was granted land in the region by the Governor of Western Australia. The land was used primarily for farming, and the area remained largely rural until the mid-1900s. In the post-war period, the suburb experienced significant growth as people began to move out of the city and into the surrounding suburbs.

Today, Morley is a thriving suburban centre with a diverse range of amenities and attractions. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Morley Galleria shopping centre, which is one of the largest shopping centres in Western Australia. The centre is home to over 200 stores, including major retailers like Myer, Kmart, and Coles, as well as a wide range of specialty stores and restaurants.

In addition to shopping, Morley is also known for its excellent recreational facilities. The suburb is home to several parks and reserves, including the popular Weld Square Reserve, which features a playground, BBQ facilities, and a sports oval. The suburb is also home to the Morley Sport and Recreation Centre, which offers a range of facilities for sports and fitness enthusiasts, including a swimming pool, gymnasium, and basketball court.

Morley is well-connected to the rest of Perth, with several major roads and public transport options available. The suburb is serviced by several bus routes, and the nearby Bayswater train station provides easy access to the city and other parts of Perth.

Overall, Morley is a vibrant and fast-growing suburb with a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. With its excellent shopping and recreational facilities, convenient location to the CBD, and strong sense of community, it is a great place to live or visit in Western Australia.

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