Towing Service Provider

You can never tell when a roadside emergency can occur, but you can do everything you can ahead of time to make sure you are well-prepared for such an incident. At Perth Tow Trucks we have many years of experience providing superior towing service for Perth WA. If you are a motorist who will be traveling through this region with any regularity, here are some things you should know.


When you want to choose a towing company, don’t just grab the first name from the top of the list. It is the team with plans, skill, experience and top-of-the-line equipment that will ensure your car is taken from point A to point B safely and securely.

Here is what we offer stranded motorists in the Perth area. Count on our companies towing services for:

  • A Fast Response

Motor troubles can be a real strain on your schedule as it is without a towing service taking half the day to arrive at your position. This is not something you will have to worry about here. We have a well-oiled plan that begins with superior tow trucks and technicians with a deep understanding of the local area. This means we will have a solution on route to your location within minutes.

High level of professionalism

There is nothing like the professional response when it comes to transporting one of the more costly investments you have: your vehicle. Some of the tell-tale signs of our high-standards of professionalism include our prompt response time, state-of-the-art vehicles and cordial tow truck professionals.

Another important symbol of our professionalism is our phone service. No matter the time of day or night, you will never be met with a busy signal or automated response software. We always have a live human on hand to take your call and dispatch the appropriate response.

Full Fleet of Top of the Line Equipment

We have spared no expense in assembling a complete towing service that can handle every type of vehicle with suitable strength and care. If you have a very valuable exotic car you will need flatbed towing to ensure your costly ride is not damaged in any way. If you have a very large or heavy vehicle like a city bus or a semi-truck, we also have the larger tougher types of vehicles that can either handle or refer others for these tasks as well.

Affordable Rates

We are not in the business of capitalizing on our clients motor problems, we are here to help with the best towing services at an affordable rate. We provide our high value services and superior standards of professionalism at competitive prices throughout Perth and the WA region. So, call 08 6365 2238 if you are having car trouble.

Final Notes on Perth Towing Services

If you will be travelling in Western Australia you may find yourself with vehicle problems at some point. Don’t wait till that last minute to make a smart choice of towing service. Call Perth Tow Trucks and you can always expect the fast, professional response at an amazing price.